• Become a Committed Crew Member

  • What does becoming a Committed Crew Member mean for you?

    Well aside from the convenience of NOT having to fill out a waiver form every visit at any of our fields for the next year....(ahhh, you have to SHOW the card we will be making you instead)

    Free to Join
    Requires Valid email address and Cell Phone Number
    Replaces filling out a waiver good for 12 Months
    Requires Photo taken so card can be issued and must have each time to receive benefits

    Weekly Special via Text
    Monthly Drawings and Sales Flyer via email

    Rewards Program
    After 5 individual Self Equipped or Rental packages registrations at Regular Price (no discounts or coupons), for Crew Member (only) Card Carrying Crew Member receives 500 Rounds of Field Paint FREE (on 6th Visit! with package purchase)

    Special Committed Crew Night
    Players with their own equipment gets $10 Off case pkg
    Rental players get a free upgrade to the Deluxe Rental at the Basic or Advanced price!

    Fill out the information completely, upload a picture of yourself (your face - just your clear, close, visible unobstructed face please!) and then pick up your card at the location of your choice (we print on Mondays and have cards at locations by that weekend)

    Welcome to the Crew!

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