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Welcome to Boston Paintball Maynard! 

Reservations are done online only, but we are more than happy to help walk you through the process so please give us a call!

Weekday Office Hours 12pm - 8pm

Closed Tuesdays

Weekend Office Hours 10am - 8pm

Maynard: 978.263.1277

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We want your experience at Boston Paintball to be a fun one - and as least stressful as possible, so please be sure to read through all of the information! Please note we cannot make reservations over the phone due to the risk of credit card fraud. But our easy online reservation system allows you to make your reservation at your convenience! 

Please be advised - Boston Paintball is a Family Friendly environment and  - and we reserve the right to refuse service to ANYONE whom we feel may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol - or anyone whom we feel may be a danger to themselves or our customers & staff. We will not refund any money to anyone that is refused service for these reasons!

Ok, So I have an image in my head but - who plays paintball?



I have never played "paintball" is this for me, us, them?

We cater to players of all skill levels from complete beginners to tournament level players. At Boston Paintball we put only like players out on the field together, which means that beginner / rental PAINTBALL players will only play with other beginner / rental PAINTBALL players and more advanced players will only play with more advanced players. So..... rest assured that you / your  group will only play with players of similar skill! When you come in you will simply fill out a waiver, register at the window by choosing which package you will need then you will head to an orientation where we will explain the rules of the games / the rules of the field and how the equipment works. You may also reserve Private Play with your group of 10+ players.  Advance reservations & payment are necessary but this ensures that when you take the field you will only play against the players you came with.  See Reservation Types

SPLATMASTER and Low Impact are only reserved privately on the weekends which means that you will have no interactions with any other groups / players. If you make a weekday STANDARD reservation for SPLATMASTER please be advised that there may be other players joining you. 

How Old Do You Have to be to Play?

You must be at least 10 years old to play PAINTBALL and LOW IMPACT, and you must be at least 8 years old to play Splatmaster at Boston Paintball. Anyone under 18 must have a Boston Paintball Waiver Form (click here) signed by someone over 18.

Do We NEED to make a Reservation? Can we just show up?

Reservations are available on weekends (weekdays too for 25+ players) and walk on play is available (for groups of less than 6) on weekends from 10am - 2:00pm. 

1)Monday - Friday Play: is available at the Ashland or Chelsea locations only - unless you have a minimum group size of 25 and you make reservations and payment in advance

2) We strongly suggest that groups with 6 or more MAKE ADVANCE GUARANTEED RESERVATIONS by submitting one of our game reservation forms at least 24 hours in advance. Please also keep in mind that we cannot guarantee any groups larger than 6 that do not make reservations in advance that they will be able to play nor do we register any players after 2:00PM.

3) We do offer pre-paid discounted group rates to groups of 10 or more (when reservations / payment in full is made at least 48 hours in advance) and we offer many options when it comes to the type of reservation that best fits your needs. We're not saying you can't just show up - because usually you can - but with our easy online reservation system - you can avoid any possible wait time and make your day of paintball even more enjoyable!

4) We cannot guarantee ANY same day reservations nor can we guarantee that without a formal reservation (Made in advance with one of our online options) that you're group will be able to play exactly when you want - but we always do our best to accommodate you.

Reservations and advance payment in full at time of reservation (at least 48 hours in advance) are necessary for all discounted, private group package rates.

What is the Reservations Policy?

There is a 7 business day in advance Reschedule ONLY policy for all prepaid group reservations. If you make a reservation within that time frame - or call to reschedule inside of the 7 business days you will be charged the rescheduling fee stated on your reservation form. DAY OF GAME reschedules on PrePaid Groups will lose 50% of amount paid.  PrePaid Reservations are ALWAYS non-Refundable. Please make sure you read the policies as they apply to the type of reservation you are making (Listed in Terms and Conditions when booking & in the Final Reservation Confirmation Email we send you).

Standard reservations may cancel with 48 hours notice & may reschedule with minimum 24 hours notice.  Any type of reservations that are rescheduled will have 30 days to give us their new date.  Failure to schedule a date within 30 days of original reservation will lose any monies paid - or will be charged the deposit amount stated on their reservation form.  

(Reservation and payment in advance required for all group discounts.)

Paintball , Low Impact or Splatmaster - What's the Difference?

There are a few differences between Paintball and Splatmaster, both are equally fun - but let's break it down.

  • Paintball and Low Impact are for players Ages 10+
  • Splatmaster is for players Ages 8+
  • Paintball uses air powered markers that use a higher velocity and a bigger paintball
  • Low Impact uses air powered markers that shoot at a lower velocity with smaller paintballs
  • Splatmaster uses spring loaded, lower velocity, pump action markers with smaller paintballs
  • Paintball markers are heavier with the air tank and the paint "hopper" attached
  • Low Impact markers are lighter than paintball guns with an air tank and the paint "hopper"
  • Splatmaster markers are light, plastic and only hold 15 paintballs at a time
  • Being hit by a paintball is a lot like being pinched
  • Being hit by Splatmaster & Low Impact is a much lighter pinch 

We recommend Splatmaster to young first time players (ages 8+) and Low Impact for ages 10+ that are made up of mixed family groups (mom, dad, brothers, sisters) or to those who want to cross "paintball" off their bucket list but aren't so into the full on version such as an office party, smaller school group or Jack and Jill.  

Splatmaster MUST be reserved for a minimum group of 10 IN ADVANCE.  We cannot offer this version of the game as walk on options for day of play - sorry!

How do games work? How much paint do we need? Is there supervision?

Players will play as many games as they have paint for.  There is no time limit on how long players may stay (unless we are closing!) but the paint is the determining factor on how long / how many games they will play during their time here.  There is no guaranteed answer on how much paint we expect any person to use - but we can give an approximate answer - and that is most players average about 40-50 shots per game.  Games run about 5 minutes each and we rotate groups onto the playing fields - so time between games can average out to 10-15 minutes (on weekend days - less time when less busy).  Players may purchase more paint at any point during their time here! There are referees on our playing fields at all times - and games are structured meaning it is not a free for all.  Our number one concern at all times is player safety and we expect all the rules we cover in orientation to be followed.  There is a 2 strike policy on the mask rule as well as the barrel bag rule.  Players will receive a warning for their first infraction and will be asked to leave on their second. We suggest that all parents sit in on the orientation so there are no misunderstandings!  Paintball is both safe and fun - as long as you play by the rules!

How do Birthday Parties / Private Group reservations work? THIS INFO IS IMPORTANT!!!!!

Upon arrival your group will need to turn in waivers for everyone playing. Pizzas are ordered after your group has checked in and it takes between 30 and 45 minutes to arrive. Please keep in mind that they open at 11:15am so we cannot order before then. Your group will have it's own table that you may stay at for as long as the type of reservation you made permits. 

Pre-Paid birthday parties / reservations are considered Private Games which means the following: Your players will be the only players ON THE FIELD when you go out to play (the airball and the village field are used for private games - woods ball games include anyone that wants to play).  You will be sharing the fields with other groups - in other words you will take turns on the playing fields but will be in a staging area with other groups when not playing.  Each group is provided their own set of tables so you may bring anything you like (cake / food) and you will have those tables the entire time of your reservation.  We do not book more than 4 groups in any one of our sessions so wait time between games is kept at a minimum - and groups are allowed time to eat / clean up & reload between games.

PRIVATE GAMES & FIELDS OF PLAY: Games are run on select fields on select days. If the fields you will be playing on is a concern, please call ahead and we will do our best to let you know what we plan to run on any given day on the day and time you are playing. 

What Should I Bring / Wear / Leave at Home?

We suggest that you wear long sleeves, long pants and sneakers.  A couple of layers may also be beneficial (more padding). If you have knee pads / ski hat / baseball hat/ gloves you may want to bring them as well (the whole "padding" thing!) .The paint does wash out, but you may want to wear something you do not mind getting dirty.  We have jumpsuits available to purchase but they are made of a tyvek material.  You may want to bring a change of clothing to go home in (the person who owns the car you came in might appreciate this!) . We do not rent gloves, supporters, hats or bandanas.  Leave home anything of value - or plan on having a place to leave these things (wallets / purses) such as in a car or with a spectator.  

Can I bring My Own Equipment? Paint?

Paint: ONLY if it is OUR field paint, purchased at the Field can you bring it back in with you. Paint bought in the STORE is NOT field paint - sorry! ALL Boston Paintball Playing Fields are Field Paint Only. 

Equipment: You sure can bring your own equipment - however let's go through what you need to make sure you have in order to avoid a rental or purchase fee: a working Gun that is CLEAN!, A full face paintball mask, an Air tank that has not expired (tanks expire from every 3 to every 5 years - we will inspect it when you get here), a hopper, an elbow (for some guns) and a barrel bag (NOT a barrel plug!) Some items can be rented for a fee - and others may only be purchased for a fee.  Please be sure you have your equipment dis-assembled and in a bag when you both enter and leave the property. Driving with an assembled paintball gun can unfortunatley get you arrested!

We do NOT allow any type of sharp / metal cleats on our fields - please bring sneakers with you just in case! 

Does the paint wash out? Is it REAL Paint?

Boston Paintball uses only the best quality paints from RP Scherer on our playing fields.  Our field paint is designed to wash easily out of clothing.  Paintballs are not filled with real paint (like the kind you paint a house with!)  - they are filled with colored, non-toxic oils and the shell is a gelatin capsule - similar to the coating on vitamins.  There are many brands of less quality paint, as well as substitutes for actual paintballs out there however it can alter your playing experience which is why we use only the freshest, highest grade paint on our fields.

Can We Bring Food? Cake? Yes. Alcohol? NO

You may bring in anything you like - except for alcohol (we do NOT allow anyone whom we feel may be under the influence of ANY substance to play paintball.  We also do not refund any money to anyone refused play or asked to leave. Please pass this along!).

You should bring extra paper plates and cups for anything you bring with you - and any necessary utensils (including something to cut the cake and light the candles - we try to have on hand but lose, a LOT!!)  If you have reserved a birthday party package we will provide cups and plates for the pizza and soda included in that package (for the # of players you have).

Do you have food there?

We do not have anything on site but there is a Wendy's close by and a Papa Ginos we put pizza orders in with. Feel free to ask at check in about ordering a Pizza!